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#ZHAFVLOG is one of the fastest-growing Bahasa Malaysia YouTube creators in Malaysia who has logged up to 862 videos over the past 2 years – creating content centered exclusively on our local and international film industries, plus recently branching out into local F&B and service industries.

Based in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, #ZHAFVLOG initially grew its local presence and viewership by

working in collaboration with local affiliates such as before working hand-in-hand directly in Q2Y2019 with TGV Pictures, GSC, Astro Shaw, Les Copaque, 20th Century Fox, HBO Asia, NETFLIX, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures, SAMSUNG, UIP Malaysia, Disney and many more.

Locally dubbed as “Mulut Puaka” by his stalwart regime of hardcore fans and even more hardcore haters, #ZHAFVLOG is known for his no-holds-barred attitude, generally gritty bedside manner and always honest review – which Malaysian fans have come to embrace and crave as the final words on all things regarding Malaysian cinemas.

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